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Challenge Statement:

Reimagine Digital Experience with GenAI

 GenAI is on the cusp of transforming the digital experience. In the realm of conversational AI, there's a chance to enhance user experience by placing chatbots at the forefront, offering personalized and simplified navigation. The AI Day Verizon Hackathon is asking participants to rethink how they can leverage conversational GenAI and similar technologies to provide optimized navigation with tailored products, services, and/or educational experiences. Simplify the user journey through AI, ensuring effortless product exploration with minimal clicks and intuitive navigation. To be a strong competitor for the Verizon Award, seize the chance to generate new inventive products and plans designed for future Verizon customers.


Information about the Verizon products, offerings and services can be found in the following links:

**Must show how you collaborated multidisciplinary.


What to Build
Build a software application to address... (Will be released 10/13 at 5:00pm)
**Must show how you collaborated multidisciplinary.
What to Submit

 Provide access to the code repository of your project by making it public or by sharing access with the judges.

Include a video (about 3 minutes) that explains and demonstrates your project in action. Must include responsibilities from each teammate and show how you collaborated interdisciplinary.  Videos must be uploaded to YouTube and made public. They can be unlisted.

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$20,000 in prizes

Second Place

*Teams can only win in one category.

First Place

*Teams can only win in one category.

Third Place

*Teams can only win in one category.

Verizon Award

$1,000 Cash
*Teams can only win in multiple categories.

Voted Most Popular

*Teams can win in multiple categories

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Rong Zhang

Rong Zhang
Associate Instructional Professor/UF

Alex Gomez de Siqueira

Alex Gomez de Siqueira
Associate Instructional Professor/UF

Cheryl Resch
Assistant Instructional Professor/UF

Oluwatomisin. Obajemu

Oluwatomisin. Obajemu
University of Florida

Sanethia Thomas

Judging Criteria

  • Potential Value
    Includes the potential impact and the extent to which the solution can be widely useful in education and cross-disciplinary studies.
  • Quality of the Idea
    Includes creativity, innovation, and originality of the project, such as solving a challenge in a unique way.
  • Functionality
    Includes how well the idea was prototyped by the developers. Demonstrate functionality and features.
  • Quality of Presentation
    Videos should be interesting and captivating. Include a statement of collaboration and explain how you collaborated with your teammates from different disciplines. Make sure it's creative, professional, and polished.

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